About Us

We are convinced that big changes start from small daily gestures, and we will do anything possible to leave the world a better place than how we found it.

It is from this belief that ZAVLUS was born, an artisan laboratory of organic skincare products. We value nature and wildlife, and that's why we do our best to make sure our products don't interfere with any of them. 

We are also opposed to animal testing, and we reduce all unnecessary packaging and reuse the packaging boxes. 


Why We Stand Out

Gluten-Free Products

We advocate for a gluten-free lifestyle, and that's why our priority is to provide you with skincare products that adhere to our strict gluten-free standards.



We don't just want to satisfy you; we want to surprise you with the quality of our products. Because being accessible does not prevent us from striving for excellence. 

Quality is one of our major requirements. Ease of application, the intensity of colors, the efficacy of active ingredients, hold, texture… We want our products to perform better than conventional products.

And because we want to do more:

  • Our customers are in the best position to talk about our products: feedback on quality is heard and enters into our decision-making process.
  • We dare to say no. If the formula does not meet our requirements despite our efforts, we prefer not to offer it, even if the demand is strong.

Our products outperform conventional products In texture, fragrance, effectiveness, hold, ease of application: because we want to be proud of our products, each formula must fully satisfy us.


Made in Canada

All our products are made here in Canada. We value the health of our customers, and we don't want to risk their lives by exposing them to the effects of low-quality ingredients. Everything is locally made.

Each product manufactured in our laboratory is due to real humans' passion and hard work, who use their energy and positivity in everything they do. These are handcrafted products formulated and made with love and care to provide you with a high-quality standard.



We want to create clarity and be honest with you from day one. That's why we always explain all the ingredients in detail and tell you something about their advantages and disadvantages. You will find out from us what matters to us.

Whether in our newsletters, in our blog posts, in social media, in our videos, or in our podcast. If you have any questions, someone from our team is always there to answer them personally and advise you. It is our wish that you know exactly what you are getting from us and trust us.



For us, quality also means taking care of our environment. Our products have no overwrapping, and we favour recyclable packaging. By Canadian legislation, we do not perform any tests on animals, and more than 70% of our range is vegan in the sense of being free from ingredients of animal origin.


Vegan-Friendly Products

Most people use animal products as their ingredients, which does not support cruelty-free formulation practices. We don't want to harm any flies, and of course, we produce 100% vegan and animal-friendly products.


We Take Responsibility

As a commercial company, we understand that we too contribute to consumption. We use resources and sell products. We take responsibility for this.

We want to give something back again and again from what we experience as good.

To our homeland, where we produce in factories in Canada. To our environment by planting a tree for every product we sell. To our society in which we support social and environmental protection organizations. To other cultures, whose natural resources we use, give them, and their children access to education.